Phantom selfie

Stories drive ideas, taking us to discover new and compelling things about ourselves and the world we all share. In my work, I explore the natural world, society and social ills, and imminent possibilities.  

My films ANONYMITY, SIDE EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE and ALL I THINK OF IS YOU have reached festival audiences across the U.S., Europe and Australia. And my short story LITTLE BOY PIG, I'm happy to say, has made people cry. Currently, I have several projects in development, including a new film, a novella, and a graphic novel.

When I'm not behind the computer or the camera, I enjoy long walks in the cemetery with my dog, helping other animals through volunteer work and activism, making electro-industrial noise/music, compulsive photography, and of course enjoying other people's art. 

In order to keep the family fed and lights on, I rent out the more imaginative parts of my brain, as well as my eyes and ears. (Hint: Hire me!)

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