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Written and directed by Shad Clark

Produced by Kristin Schwarz

Mary Ann Connor, Corbett Trubey and Allan Dorr

Trapped in an abandoned animal research facility, a woman tries to free herself and her lover from a masked killer—only to discover all too late why the villain is inescapable.

A feature version of the 2005 short film was developed for Sony Screen Gems and Cider Mill Productions. Sadly, after nearly a year of active development, the feature version of ANONYMITY was tortured and beheaded deep in one of the lowest circles of development hell.

In writing the original story, I set out to study anonymity as an enabler. This of course is manifested in the masks worn by the killers–they could be anyone. But the idea was first inspired by the circulation of the hostage beheading videos in the wake of 911 and the launch of the war on terror. Seemingly normal people, friends and co-workers, were drawn to these gruesome videos in a way they wouldn't have been if they knew the victims.