Haunted by visions of his own ghost after a near(?) death experience, a troubled young man is convinced he needs to eat people to survive.

Story by Shad Clark. Art by Mattias Häggström.

Leonard begins the story as an underachieving stoner still carrying the torch for the beautiful girl-next-door, only to learn that she and his older brother have grown closer while away at college. But after a routine drug pickup goes sideways, resulting in a bite from an unidentified goth kid, Leonard suffers an aneurysm and "dies" in the hospital. As he recovers in the dark of the windowless basement, he finds himself haunted by his own ghost–a doppelganger that calls dibs on the house. Convinced by his ghost that he’s risen from the dead as a flesh-eating ghoul, Leonard strives to stave off his carnivorous cravings, only to embark on a crime spree that starts with ripping off his drug dealer and quickly escalates to murder and amateur cannibalism. In the end, Leonard struggles to see others–including his long-time crush–as anything more than meat.

Think DONNIE DARKO meets HANNIBAL, with the title character being equal parts Norman Bates and Jesse Pinkman.

THE LIVING DEATH OF LEONARD FISK is intended to be the first installment in THE CANNIBAL UNDERGROUND