Writer / Creator  SHAD CLARK

Years after a phantasmagoric crime spree left three dead and partially eaten, and now rarely haunted by visions of his own ghost, recovering deadbeat Leonard Fisk is given a second chance at life outside the asylum–on the condition that he helps with a USDA investigation into an alleged cannibal underground of private supper clubs, human trafficking and human(e) meat. Soon enough, Leonard is welcomed into the Carnies, a motley coterie of cannibals who see him as one of their own, and who’ve recently been forced into a beef with El Sanguinario, a highly prolific serial killer with ties to the ultraviolent Los Cráneos cartel. Left circling the drain of an imminent bloodbath, Leonard is dead meat–unless he starts listening to his own ghost again.

Think DONNIE DARKO meets BREAKING BAD by way of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, and with a title character that's equal parts Scott Pilgrim and Norman Bates.