Shad Clark is an award-winning writer and filmmaker best known for the the 360° documentary short THROUGH THE EYES OF A PIG and the short films ALL I THINK OF IS YOU, SIDE EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE and ANONYMITY, as well as the short story LITTLE BOY PIG. Clark’s films have played festivals internationally, and his original feature screenplays have recognized by IFP's Emerging Narrative Program, Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope Competition and Creative Screenwriting Magazine. Clark's directorial debut, ANONYMITY, also toured with Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors and was featured on IFC. Clark wrote and developed a feature version of ANONYMITY for Sony Screen Gems and Cider Mill Productions. Currently, Clark has several projects in development.


CRITICAL HIT  /  Feature Film  //  Client: Melanie Light
Adapted the Black Mask comic of the same name into a screenplay for the upcoming horror film by Melanie Light. More information soon…

Writer / Director  
THROUGH THE EYES OF A PIG  /  360° Film  //  Client: Animal Equality
Conceptualized the idea of telling the story through the eyes of a pig. Selected and arranged footage accordingly, wrote the script in second-person, and continued providing direction as the footage was edited together. The premier installment of the iAnimal 360° film series won Best 360° Film at the German Web Video Awards.

Writer / Director / Composer 
ALL I THINK OF IS YOU  /  Short film 
Wrote, directed and scored the short sci-fi thriller, which played festivals around the U.S. and U.K.

ANIMAL EQUALITY: 10 YEARS IN THE MAKING  /  Documentary  //  Client: Animal Equality
Wrote the narration for a film celebrating the organization's 10-year anniversary.

DEADLY DAIRY, a.k.a. THE HIDDEN COST OF DAIRY  /  Documentary  //  Client: Animal Equality
Wrote the narration for a documentary on the dairy industry in India.

FACE YOUR FOOD  /  Documentary  //  Client: Animal Equality
Wrote the narration for a documentary on the animals rendered unrecognizable in the grocery store.

Writer / Director 
Wrote and directed the experimental short, which played festivals around the U.S. and Australia.

Story Consultant  
LOVERS & OTHERS  /  Web Series  //  Client: The Film Bureau
Provided creative story consultation to filmmaker Mark Arellano during the development and writing of his original indie web series LOVERS & OTHERS, winner of the Audience Choice Award at Miami Web Fest.

BETTER TOGETHER  /  Commercial  //  Client: Western Digital, SanDisk
Wrote commercial featuring a drone racer who champions the client's storage solutions.

Story Producer  
UNANNOUNCED HORROR MMORPG  /  Game  //  Client: Kabam
Conceptualized and authored all components of the story bible, including apocalyptic history, viral pathogenesis, character biographies, and faction perspectives. Worked with producers and art lead to establish the tone of the game and art direction.

Story Producer  
UNANNOUNCED SCI-FI MMORPG  /  Game  //  Client: Kabam
Worked with producers and art lead to conceptualize new space opera IP. Created and authored all components of the story bible, including far-future history, player and NPC characters, alien races, corporate factions, technologies, and game story arcs. 

Script Doctor  
EDGEWORLD  /  Game  //  Client: Kabam
Re-imagined and revised existing story bible. Doctored dialogue and wrote new lines for a variety of characters. Authored all cut-scenes, tutorials, and missions.

Writer / Director / Producer / Editor  
$#!T HAPPENS  /  Commercial  //  Client: Comcast
Wrote, produced, directed, and edited tandem commercial spots, both of which aired on CNN, Discovery, Comedy Central, VH1, and other Comcast channels.

PARASITES  /  Transmedia  //  Client: Transmedia Storyteller
Lead writer on an open-source transmedia project spanning a feature film, live interactive screenings, web series, game, and an online marketplace.

Writer / Story Producer  
KATELYN  /  Web Series  //  Clients: Doremus, HTC
Worked closely with agency creative director to develop his original idea into a 5-part sci-fi web series for agency client HTC.

Director / Producer  
UNDISCLOSED  /  Commercial  //  Client: Punchcut
Produced and directed a brand video for a secret agency client.

SIM ANIMALS  /  Game  //  Client: Electronic Arts
Authored the complete SimAnimals in-game encyclopedia, providing fun and informative facts for 30 different animals species and detailing 70 different plants. Requested by the game’s producers to carry the encyclopedic voice into the game manuals for both the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS versions of the game. 

SIM FRIEND  /  Game  //  Client: Electronic Arts
Conceptualized and authored 45 unique interactive episodes of the alternate reality game (ARG) promoting The Sims 3, which set the all-time sales records for The Sims franchise. 

SPORE  /  Game  //  Client: Electronic Arts
Distilled the humorous tone of the game into instructional copy to support expansion packs for PC/Mac and help establish the series on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. Carried the Spore voice across game manuals for Spore Galactic Adventures, Spore Hero, Spore Hero Arena, and Spore Creature Keeper. 

Writer / Director / Composer 
ANONYMITY  /  Short film 
Wrote, directed and scored the horror short, which was featured on IFC, played festivals around the world, toured with Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors, and ultimately optioned for feature development.

Story Consultant
THE LONELY  /  Short Film  //  Client: Conscious Creative
Provided support for filmmaker Mark Arellano during development and production of his original short form western noir THE LONELY.


Journalist  // Ink19
Wrote for East Coast 'zine Ink19. Interviewed the makers of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and musical artists such as Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance), Pieter Bourke (Soma), Phil and Paul Hartnoll (Orbital), Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive), Poe, among others. Also reviewed concerts and albums by other artists such as Portishead, Aphex Twin, Chemical Brothers, Love is Colder Than Death, Tricky, The Orb, and Red House Painters, among others.


In addition to his own projects, Clark freelances as a multidisciplinary storyteller in film, VR, publishing, comics, web series, documentaries, interactive, and everything in-between. He always welcomes opportunities to work on new and exciting projects, no matter the medium. 

If you’re looking for a collaborator or consultant, drop him a line.


Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Sound Design, Creative Consultant


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