Shad Clark is an award-winning writer and filmmaker most recently known for the launch of THE BLACK DAHLIAS comic and the 360° documentary short THROUGH THE EYES OF A PIG, which won “Best 360° Film” at the German Web Video Awards. Previously, Clark's original screenplay OTHERNESS was named "Best Scifi/Horror Screenplay" by Creative Screenwriting Magazine and optioned by Colossal Entertainment. Two other original screenplays, THE CENSOR and OPHELIA REFLECTED, were recognized by IFP's Emerging Narrative Program and Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope Competition, then subsequently optioned. Clark's directorial debut, ANONYMITY, played festivals around the world, toured with Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors, and was featured on IFC. Clark wrote and developed a feature version of ANONYMITY for Sony Screen Gems and Cider Mill Productions. Currently, Clark has several film and comics projects in various stages of development. When he isn’t behind the keyboard or camera, Clark enjoys exploring forests and other natural spaces with his dog, chasing his cat around the house, visiting bone churches, and of course saving animals. He does not enjoy writing about himself in third-person.