Writer / Director  SHAD CLARK


"You don't know what you're in for, but you're behind bars." And so begins your life in the bowels of a factory farm. In this immersive VR documentary film using 360° footage captured by undercover investigators, you are a pig. Seeing factory farms and slaughterhouse from a pig's perspective, you're faced with the horrors forced each and every day upon animals bred and raised for the express purpose of being unnecessarily killed. Narrated by Tony Kanal (U.S.), Peter Egan (U.K.), Thomas D (Germany), Giulia Innocenzi (Italy), and Angy Fernandez (Spain).

NOTE: The film below is best viewed on a VR headset. You can use your phone to pan around each scene, albeit for a less immersive experience. Audio headset recommended.

"Barbarism. That's the best word to describe the events depicted in iAnimal, a 360-degree video that takes you inside a pig farm."  – Aaron Souppouris, Engadget

"The most devastating thing I've ever seen in my life."  – Peter Egan, actor

"The VR images, a week later, linger behind my eyes. How could they not?"  – Barbara J. King, anthropologist and science writer

"This virtual reality slaughterhouse could turn you vegetarian."  – Charlies Parkinson, VICE


Animal Equality originally sought to hire me as a screenwriter to script the premier installment of their groundbreaking iAnimal series, only they didn't yet have a film. I introduced them to the work I'd done as a director, offering to tackle the project as a filmmaker, and they sent me all their raw footage to see what story I might find. What I found was that the undercover investigators had captured enough footage roughly at the eye level of a pig to present an entire film through the eyes of a pig. This was the concept I pitched to Animal Equality, and the concept they greenlit. I selected and arranged only the footage that would present the experience in first-person, wrote the script to address you–the audience–as the pig, and continued providing creative direction as the 360° footage was stitched and edited together. THROUGH THE EYES OF A PIG won Best 360° Film at the German Web Video Awards. However, as Animal Equality toured the film around the world, the organization opted to edit out some of the most devastating footage and edit in gratuitous footage showcasing one of their investigators (who also happens to be the organization’s co-founder). Though the film widely seen and available for view isn’t the uncompromised vision I presented to Animal Equality, I still believe THROUGH THE EYES OF A PIG is an incredibly powerful experience.